About Me

shawnaMost days, I roll out of bed around 11 AM and get to work on my niche sites while still in my pajamas. I’ve been doing this since early 2009 and have seen my income go from nothing to five figures a month. In mid-2014, I started an 11-month RTW trip that was financed by my niche sites.

Most of my income comes from my portfolio of niche websites (or affiliate sites, depending on what you prefer to call them). But I also make money from ebooks, consulting/coaching, freelance writing, web design, and a few other things.

I’m not a guru. I’m just tired of hearing how there are no women in SEO or Internet Marketing. There’s plenty of us and we make bank just like the guys. I’m also tired of seeing gurus selling courses and coaching on making money from SEO and niche sites when these same gurus haven’t ranked sites or made decent income from them in years (yes, I know of two three of these douche bags).

I watch a LOT of Adventure Time. LSP is my favorite character, followed closely by BMO.

I also drink a LOT of coffee. This is currently my favorite.

In June 2014, I sold a 9-month old niche site for around $20K through Empire Flippers. I ended up pocketing over $16K after their fees. The site made me around $4K via Amazon Associates before the sale. Not bad for less than 30 hours of total work on the site, eh?

In March 2015, I sold a year old site that was making $60/month (that I absolutely hated working on) for $1500. Not quite the ROI as the site above, but my heart just wasn’t in this one.

In August 2015, I sold an 11-month old niche site for overĀ $25K through Empire Flippers. I ended up with almost $22K after their fees. The site made me just over $8K via Amazon Associates before the sale. The best part? This was a site that I started as a test! Yup, I made $30K from a test site! awesome

I do this because I love SEO and the game of trying to rank a site. And because a Bachelor’s degree followed by a MBA left me with six-figure debt that I’m trying to finish paying off. And because I like to travel…a lot. Oh, and because I hate working in a cubicle (my last cubicle job was working as a financial analyst…yuck).