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Starter Niche Sites


Do you want to start earning from niche sites but need help getting started?

Let my team build a niche site for you!

I've heard from a lot of readers that often just getting started is too much of a hurdle when it comes to creating a portfolio of profitable niche sites. Maybe you're stuck on coming up with a good domain for the site. Or, maybe you just can't decide if posts or pages are the way to go for your content. Or, maybe doing that keyword research gives you fits of anxiety.

My Turnkey Starter Niche Sites Help You Get Started NOW

starting at only $599


If you want a BASIC level starter site, my team is creating these sites right now. You can take possession of these sites as soon as payment is confirmed! 

See the current inventory at​

**upgrades to BASIC+ and AUTHORITY can be added to any of the pre-made sites​

My team takes care of all that boring stuff that is required to get a new niche site started and live on the web. We get you a brandable domain for the niche, set it up on a hosting account, install and configure WordPress, and build out the site just like I would do for one of my own niche sites. What you get is a starter niche site that you can grow into a profitable authority site (assuming that you continue growing the site). And to help you with that growth, you also get a list of 10 additional keywords that I select for you to target and further increase the site's income potential.

I'll also give you some tips on my best practices when it comes to link building for niche sites like these. Basically, when you take control of one of these sites, you should be poised for success. The income potential is up to you - the more you grow the site, the more money that you can earn from it. Maybe you'll even be able to take your own round-the-world trip paid for by niche sites!


Let my team create a turn key starter niche site for you today!


Bare bones starter site

The perfect way to start

8,000 words of content

  • Hosting included
  • Custom logo + brandable domain
  • Ready to start earning $$
  • Choose the niche or let us pick one for you


Delivery time: 10-14 days


A BASIC site with 5 supporting web 2.0s

Boost the site with web 2.0 links

8,000 words on site + 5 web 2.0s

  • Hosting included
  • Custom logo + brandable domain
  • Ready to start earning $$
  • Choose the niche or let us pick one for you
  • Social profiles setup
  • 5 supporting web 2.0s linked to site **


Delivery time: 10 -14 days

**web 2.0s are backlinked​ for extra power


BASIC+ with double the content

Ready for authority site status

16,000 words on site + 5 web 2.0s

  • Hosting included
  • Custom logo + brandable domain
  • Ready to start earning $$
  • Choose the niche or let us pick one for you
  • Social profiles setup
  • 5 supporting web 2.0s linked to site **
  • Double the content for more ranking & earning potential


Delivery time: 14 to 21 days

** web 2.0s are backlinked for extra power​

About The Starter Sites

  • Complete turnkey solution - we give you the login details for the site and the hosting package and it is all yours!
  • Designed for Amazon affiliates (but will work with other affiliate programs)
  • Minimum of 8,000 words of unique content by American writers
  • Custom logo on each site
  • All sites include the basic pages of About, Contact, Privacy, Affiliate Disclaimer (in addition to the 8,000 words of content)
  • Keyword research for money posts done by me
  • Brandable domain that gives you room to grow the site into an authority site (i.e. focusing on kitchen gadgets instead of stand mixers)
  • Legally licensed photos (Creative Commons and/or Premium Stock Photos)
  • Premium WordPress theme + Thrive Content Builder
  • All the plugins that I use on my sites installed for you
  • The site is configured the same way that I configure my portfolio of niche sites -- from content layout to on-page SEO
  • Mixture of informational content and posts with affiliate links to help you avoid thin content penalties
  • Includes some social accounts (only for BASIC+ and AUTHORITY levels)
  • Includes a web 2.0 support network of 5 parasites that are backlinked for extra ranking power (only BASIC+ and AUTHORITY levels)
  • Includes 10 additional keywords that I would suggest targeting in the niche
  • The same keywords are NEVER sold more than once!

About The Team

  • Writers are American-born and educated
  • Adept at research in a variety of niches
  • Basic Photoshop skills for logo creation
  • Proven niche site success

As you can see, these starter niche sites are created with quality and longevity in mind. I am confident that if you buy one of these and grow the site, that you can easily turn it into a high value property that you can keep or end up selling for a nice cash out.


Do I Need Anything Else?

You will need an Amazon Associates account and a Namesilo account (so that I can push the domain to your account).

Are There Any Additional Costs?

Once you take over site, you will be responsible for paying for the web hosting going forward. At most, that cost is $8.95 monthly. Additionally, you will have to pay for the annual domain renewal fee (approximately $9.00 a year), but you shouldn't have to worry about that for almost 12 months!

How Much Can I Earn From A Site?

That really depends. If you add content to the site and continue to grow it, the sky is the limit! Based on my experiences, if you let a site like this sit and don't add any additional content and do minimal link building, then you're looking at anywhere from $50 - $200 monthly with no extra work. Of course, I hope that you are looking to grow this into a big earner! Though I am not affiliated with it, there is a site called AmaProfits that can help you to gauge the profitability of a site.

Can I Select The Niche?

Absolutely! If you have a specific niche that you want to enter, then my team can create that custom starter site just for you. If you're interested in an uncommon niche,  just contact me at with your request and I'll confirm if my team can take care of it for you.

Is There Any After-Sale Support?

Yes, I am available by email to answer questions that you might have about growing your site. Just remember that I'm not really a tech support person and can only help you on things like growing the site, SEO, link building, etc.

What If I'm Completely New To Niche Site Building?

Don't worry, I got you covered. If you need some newbie help, then I have some training materials that can help bring you up to speed. Just keep in mind that you'll likely learn more (and earn more) by building your first site from scratch instead of buying a pre-made one.