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Scale Your Site Income With Some ‘Easy Wins’ ( Review)

A few years ago I started buying small sites from the Flipping Websites Facebook group, and one of the sites I bought was from this dude named Mushfiq.

I’d never met him before, or even noticed him in any forums, but I’ve been following him ever since that site purchase.

He even wrote a recent guest post for me here.

If he’s new to you as well, then let me tell you that I think he’s a smart dude who is doing some really interesting stuff in this industry. And I don’t regularly give out that kind of praise to SEOs.

So, when I saw that he’d released a product, I quickly bought it.

Get Ready For Some Easy Wins

In case you haven’t already guessed it, the name of the product is Easy Wins and you can find it at

The tl;dr of this product is that it’s an actionable list of things you can do (‘easy wins’) to boost your site’s traffic and revenue.

It’s basically a database collections that you can go through as you work on your site.


The entire thing is in an AirTable spreadsheet, which is not something that I’ve ever used before but it’s actually very user-friendly.

Since Mushfiq has flipped so many sites (he recently mentioned that he’s flipped 175 sites), I’m assuming this database started out as something for himself that he used on sites that he bought to flip.

I say this because I have a list of things that I do when I buy sites – but my list is nowhere near as organized and comprehensive as Mushfiq’s

I should also mention that even someone with as much experience doing this as I have – I still managed to find a few things in this list of 120 actionable items that I learned.


Though I do caution you that if you’re as experienced as I am, then most of these items are going to be things that you already know and/or do.

What I really like about is that it’s not just a list.

You can expand each item to get more details on the why and how of it all.


Whenever a tool is required/needed to complete one of the items in this database, Mushfiq recommends both premium and free options.

At first glance, when you open the AirTable spreadsheet it doesn’t look like much is there. But as you click in columns, you’ll see that you can expand them for more info.

So, while it looks deceptively simple at first glance, there’s actually quite a bit of data here. And since it’s not all expanded, you can just go through the list and expand the things that you need to see right now.

Another thing that I like about this product is that it seems that it’s already being updated. I’ve noticed updates since I first bought it.

I like knowing that if Mushfiq discovers a new ‘easy win’ then it will get added to the AirTable spreadsheet.

It Works For Everyone

What’s great about Mushfiq’s is that it is really for everyone and not just for people who are buying sites and looking for immediate ways to improve revenue and traffic.

You can go through this database and use it to improve existing sites. And that’s exactly what I’m doing this week with the tips that I picked up.

But you don’t need to be as experienced as me to benefit from – all you need is a website to work on.

In fact, I think beginners or people who are relatively inexperienced in optimizing a site are exactly who will benefit the most from

I really wish this product had been out years ago when I was newer to this industry. I truly thinks it’s going to be a game changer for people with less experience.

Should You Buy It?

With a price tag over $200, this might be expensive for some site owners – especially beginners who aren’t making much from their sites yet.

I totally get that and I remember being in that same position when I was getting started.

That being said, I do think this list is valuable – especially for beginners. And the fact that Mushfiq is updating it means that you’ll continue to learn more wins.

If it’s in your budget, then I do recommend that you buy it. Remember, even I learned a few things from it.

And keep in mind that he is offering a 100% money back guarantee, so if you find that it’s not a good product for you, then you can get a refund. Check it out here.

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