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My Toolbox

Over the years, I have tried a lot of tools and services (and wasted a lot of money on crappy products). These days, I tend to stick with what you see below. (yes, some of these links are affiliate links)

Web hosts

  • Siteground – great for beginners (though the renewal cost will kill ya)
  • WPX Hosting — good for when you outgrow Siteground
  • Cloudways — fastest cheap hosting I’ve found, but not as user-friendly
  • BigScoots — fastest and cheapest managed WordPress hosting I’ve found

Domain Registration

Email Marketing

Site Logos & Social Media

Cool Plugins I Use

Keyword Research Tools I Pay For

YouTube Tools

WordPress Themes I Use


  • My Content Pal (higher priced, but worth it!)
  • Clockwork Copy
  • Scalenut – it’s like Jasper meets Surfer (I love the content optimization feature)
  • Cuppa – best AI content tool if you’ve got API access
  • Koala – best AI content tool if you don’t have API access

2 thoughts on “My Toolbox”

  1. Hi I just wanted to say a quick thanks for your website and as a total novice,

    I really appreciate your website I found a link to be very useful I’m from the UK so a quick question is are some of the links relevant for somebody working on the UK website for example I was looking at I need articles and also the no BS back links I notice is Australian would that still be okay for me in the UK really grateful for your website kind regards David Meadows

    • Yes, NO-BS has links from sites all over the world, so it doesn’t matter that they’re based out of Australia. With INeedArticles, I don’t think you’re able to specify that you want British English so you’d be better off with Writer Access or another content agency.


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