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You Don’t Need A Pinterest Course To Get Traffic To Your Site

When lots of people’s sites started getting hit by algo updates, Pinterest traffic courses started popping up everywhere.

I’ve even had people ask me to create a Pinterest course.

You don’t need a course on Pinterest because it is incredibly simple.

Honestly, I don’t even think there’s enough to it for a course. I can only assume there’s lots of fluff and maybe some self-congratulatory Pinterest analytics screenshots in these courses to make them look worth the money.

So, let’s skip all that bullshit and get down to the basics of what it takes to see good traffic from Pinterest.

The Only Pinterest Course You Need Is Right Here

As someone who creates courses, I know that I look like a total douchebag telling you to not buy a Pinterest course.

But I honestly believe you don’t need one to see success on Pinterest. You should save that money for some Pinterest ads to jumpstart your account.

Anyways, succeeding on Pinterest is super simples.

Here’s the Pinterest Traffic Playbook:

  • Do as many daily pins as you can
  • Schedule them to publish daily to keep up consistency
  • Wait for the traffic to roll in

That’s it.

Honestly, the only secret here is a fuck load of daily pins on the regular. So, essentially spamming Pinterest with your shit.

Are there things you can do to tweak this and that and ensure success?

Sure, but it’s not rocket science.

I’ve written about having a Pinterest strategy here before (updated for 2024!), but here’s some quick tips for you.

Pinterest Ads

Most of the time, new Pinterest accounts get offered free credit to try Pinterest ads (assuming you’ve converted to a Business account). Use that credit to run some ads to some of your pins.

I like to do this to sort of jumpstart a new (or stale) account and I find that it keeps the momentum up even after you’ve ended the ads.

Also, I really like to run ads for seasonal pins just because the RPM for that content is always reasonably high on my sites.

Experiment With Pin Design

The truth is that different types of pins are optimal for different niches.

This is why you should not buy a Pinterest course that includes free custom pin templates or designs – because they may be total shit for your niche.


Some niches do really well with just an image and zero text. Some do really will with a solid color background and text. And so on, and so on.

So, mix it up a bit and try different designs – especially for the same blog post to see what really clicks with your audience on Pinterest.

Multiple Pins Per Post

Speaking of different pins for the same blog post, you should create loads of different pins for the same articles on your site.

Try to use lots of different images instead of the same one over and over and over.

I love using Canva for this reason. I use a paid account there so that I get access to all of their images, not just the free ones.

For one of my sites, I’m creating 20 different pins for every single post.

And yes, AI images do well in many niches on Pinterest.

Timing Matters

If you’re going the no-budget approach, you may be tempted to make a bunch of pins and then pin them to your boards all at once.

Don’t do this.

I like to be lazy as much as the next person, but this is not a good idea for Pinterest.

Schedule that shit so that it hits at different times through the day – and on different days!

And while we’re talking about different days – make sure you are pinning EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Consistency and velocity are the keys that unlock the Pinterest traffic stream.

Optimize for SEO

Pinterest is just like Google, people search it for the things they need/want to see.

That means that SEO is definitely a thing for Pinterest.

What does this mean for you? Optimize the shit outta your pins and boards!

Put optimized descriptions in for your boards AND your pins.

Often, pins and boards end up ranking in Google so that’s like bonus traffic just for optimizing your shit.

Pinterest Analytics

Impressions are a nice vanity metric you’ll find in your Pinterest Analytics.

But impressions do not equal traffic to your site.

Focus on those outbound clicks. That is traffic to your site, or as I like to think of it, money in my pockets that doesn’t involve Google.

Sure, people selling courses and coaching are telling you other metrics to focus on.

But outbound clicks is the only metric that involves people leaving Pinterest to visit your site.

That’s business.

Putting It All Together

But yeah, honestly that’s pretty much it. You can refresh yourself from the tips I gave in 2020 for a bit more advice.

And if you still feel the need to buy a Pinterest course, you could always just hire the Growth Cupid team for Pinterest growth. There’s a wicked discount through March 31, 2024 with code FGOOGLE, or if you’re reading this after that date, use code SKIPBLAST for 15% off.

Or, just get out there and get to work growing that traffic on your own.

Pinterest is stupid simple to master, but it is incredibly tedious.

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  1. Epic post as ever! I feel shame for buying two Pinterest courses that are being pushed on X recently, and both were like teaching your grandma to suck eggs. I wish I’d read this post first


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