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Got a question about SEO, internet marketing or something related to making money on the interwebs? I’d love to help you out if I can. Hit me up with your message via email to [email protected].

I can’t always respond immediately, so give me a few days to get back to you.


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8 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi Shawna, my name is Adam and I stumbled onto your blog after a recommendation from a fellow blogger.

    I am new to this game BIG TIME (I started my very first blog 9 months ago, Jan of 2020).

    My background has been in Amazon the past 4 years, first FBA, and now Merch by Amazon (it’s a cash cow!).

    Anyway, I am trying to diversify away from Amazon and decided to give blogging a shot.

    Your blog and case studies are really great and I like your style and attitude! Keep up the great work. But I also have a question for you:

    I am interested in buying an aged domain from ODYS (If I do, I’ll be sure to use your affiliate code!)… but how would someone like me, without an SEO background or technical background ‘vet’ a domain to be sure I’m not buying crap?

    I know ODYS checks their stuff- but some of these have hundreds and thousands of backlinks- what other methods would you recommend if purchasing from ODYS to be sure it’s clean and safe to invest and use?

    I hear horror stories about penalized domains and I’ll shit a brick if I spend $2k-$3k and its a bad egg.


  2. Hi Shawna,

    I have a niche site and writing all the content myself. But I would really like to get better at writing and get quicker at it.

    Do you have any tips or recommended books/resources on this please?

    Many thanks.


    • Hi Barry,
      I’m a big fan of conversational writing, so just writing how you would talk to one of your mates. I find this not only goes over well with audiences, but it’s also quicker and easier to write in this tone of voice. And I’m a big fan of CopyHackers and their Copy School. They usually do a Black Friday deal, so you may wanna watch for that.

  3. Hi Shawna,

    Which courses would you recommend that show keyword research tips I could use?

    I want to get better at my keyword research process.

    Many thanks.

    • Hey Luke,
      I haven’t created any courses specifically on keyword research, and I don’t know of any by other course creators.
      Sorry I can’t be of more help.


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