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Boost The Power Of Your PBNs

If you’re using PBNs to help your money sites rank, then you already know how difficult it can be to find good non-spammed domains with DA/PA of 30+ with a good trust flow and citation flow. I’m not going to lie – it is definitely a challenge. Personally, I see great results with anything that meets the following criteria: DA 10+ PA 20+ TF 10+ CF 10+

And it is a lot easier to find spam-free domains with those metrics than the higher ones. But here’s the thing – it’s super easy to level up those metrics on your PBNs with a little work and time. You might have seen some SEOs talking about domain authority stacking (DAS) or building trust tiers for their money sites. This is pretty much the same idea but focusing it on boosting the power of your PBNs.

Here’s the simplest way to put this — backlink your PBNs.

Yeah, nothing really revolutionary there, but it is something that not a lot of people are doing. So, if you do it, then it just might be what you need to beat your competition in the SERPs.

Here are some things you can do to boost the power of your PBNs:

  • send social signals
  • link from web 2.0s
  • link from high power profile pages (Twitter, etc.)
  • blog comments
  • link from other PBN sites
  • YouTube videos

You can’t just send a GSA blast to your PBN sites though, cause you’ll end up tanking them and possibly getting them de-indexed. But if you use GSA, you can blast the social profiles, etc. that link to your PBN site.

Personally, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to doing this so I don’t do all of the things listed up above. I currently have over 100 PBN sites in my network and I just don’t have time for that. The truth is that if you do it right, then sending social signals and those profile links will do enough magic to give you that extra boost.

For social signals, I use a mix of accounts that I’ve created on my own and You get 50 free credits when you sign up with them and you can earn free credits each day under the “Website Hits” section.

For my profiles, I typically focus on Twitter because it is easiest to set on auto-pilot without spending a single cent. Create your new account, put your PBN site in the website link and then use IFTTT to have content posted to it automatically. The beauty of this is that people will naturally favorite and share those auto-tweets, which boosts the power of that profile page linking to your PBN site.

Sending links to your PBN via web 2.0s is another easy option. You can create a free Tumblr blog and embed a photo or video that is relevant to your niche. Underneath it put something like “source:” and then tag the post with your keywords. (no more than three to five of these). Then, head over to Fiverr and look for a Tumblr reblogging gig and use it on that post. You end up getting your PBN domain reblogged tons of times on accounts with high authority, which boosts the PBN authority metrics – and it only cost you five bucks.

You can do something similar with your YouTube video just by embedding it in the Tumblr page or another page that you get a lot of shares on. It ends up having pretty much the same effect for you.

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