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Case Study: Step-By-Step Niche Site Building (from $0 – $500 Month)

For 2015, the bulk of my income has come from niche sites – specifically Amazon affiliate niche sites (as well as a few other affiliate programs). And if you’ve been here before, then you already know that during my RTW trip I managed to make over $78,000 from my sites. But I’m stoked to share that 2015 looks like it’s going to close as my first six-figure year. Additionally, someone I’ve been coaching is having a $6K month with her ONE site this month and I’m super excited for her. And to celebrate all that success, I’m starting 2016 with a case study that is going to be a step-by-step guide on making niche sites that earn you a decent monthly income.

The Important Details

If you’ve been struggling with your own sites or are looking for a guide to get started for the first time, then I hope you’ll keep up with my posts and make 2016 the year that you finally start earning bank from your sites.

When will it start? January 2016

What niche will it be in? I haven’t selected one yet, but it will be a new-to-me niche so that I don’t have any advantages that you won’t have by selecting a niche I already know.

Will everything be shared here? Yes and no. I will share the URL and every single detail of the site only with my Insider25 Premium group. The public posts will still be helpful, but will not share any details of the new site.

Will this be an Amazon affiliate site? Yes, but I’m going to choose a niche where there are other affiliate programs as well to make a hybrid site.

What will be the focus of the case study? How to create a successful niche affiliate site that earns at least $500/month within the first six to 10 months. And then sell the site like Al-Amin over at Marketever (he just recently sold a niche site for over $50K !!!)

(side note: Al-Amin is also doing a similar case study and I suggest you follow him as well as we may take different approaches)

Will I need to spend money to follow this blueprint? No, I am going to purposely show you how to successfully rank sites without spending money on anything other than the domain and hosting.

How can I follow along? All the posts will be here (unless you join my Insider25 Premium group where you’ll get additional content and guides) – so pop the site in your feed reader or sign up for my email list in the sidebar of the site to get email notifications of new posts.

Got any questions? Drop them in the comments or message me.

What To Expect

When I get started with this project in January, I will be starting from the very beginning with niche selection. I’ll share my process of how I nail down a niche to create a site in and move on to how I do my keyword research and rank those sites. I’ve shared a little of this type of stuff here before, but this case study is intended to be a bit more in-depth.

Hopefully by seeing what is working to rank sites right now, you will be able to have your own successful niche site portfolio. And maybe even have some sites that you can sell later on in the year!

I hope you’ll join me when it starts in January!

Other updates to this case study:

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