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Image Copyright Backlink Scam: Now In Part Four!

While it seems that the shady SEO running this scam has finally taken me off their contact list, it doesn’t mean that this despicable behavior is over.

The fact of the matter is that I likely know who is doing this, because he confessed it to me while not admitting any wrong doing and instead blaming it on a hired contractor.

Yet here we are more than year later from when I was first contacted with one of these scams and that “contractor” is still at it.

And I will continue to expose the domains being used for this to both spread awareness of this scam and to attempt to burn each domain being used for this purpose.

That being said, I am aware that there is a small chance that someone else has escalated this backlink scam from coming from a photo rights agency domain to the fake law firm domains, but my research into this tells me it is very unlikely.

Either way, I will continue to expose these domains.

Smith Martin Lewis Legal Services And A DMCA Scam

The latest iteration of this scam seems to have moved on to the new fake law firm of Smith Martin Lewis Legal Services.

Here’s a screenshot from a Facebook group where a blogger shared getting this little scam email –

smith martn lews legal image copyright scam email

What I find most curious about this is the site they are trying to get backlinks for because it is not really a great site, and honestly not the type of site that I’d expect from the person that I know has been doing this.

Honestly, this is the only thing that makes me think this might not be the person that I know for a fact has been doing this.

But, he does run an agency on the side, so this could be a client site.

Again we have a freshly registered domain for the fake law firm site with it being hosting on a shared account at Namecheap Hosting.

smith martin lewis backlink scam

But I am surprised to see that we also have the site that’s benefiting from these scammed backlinks also on a shared Namecheap hosting account.

whois details

Is Smith Martin Lewis Legal Services A Real Law Firm?

No, Smith Martin Lewis Legal Services is definitely not a real law firm.

The photos of the “lawyers” seem to be fake, as expected.

And the address listed on the site goes to a co-working space.

But my favorite part of this entire update is that the guy (team?) behind this scam clearly saw my last update where I found their other fake law firm sites since they’d used the same content at the top of the page.

They changed it this time!

But…that’s all that was changed.

Mason Donald King Legal Services Is The Same Scam

Hrm, this section of the site looks familiar.

mason donald king legal services backlink scam

And hey, there is shared Namecheap hosting for this site as well.


Looks like someone else discovered that this site a fake law firm last month and posted about it on the UK Business Forums website.

Mason Donald King Legal Services image copyright scam

You can click on the link above to read the entire thread and the email this guy received.

Kudos to him for sharing the email and his findings with others.

James Parker Anderson Legal Services Is The Same Scam

Yeah, this looks familiar, too.

jakes parker anderson fake law firm

Yup, newly registered in recent months and hosting on a shared Namecheap hosting account.


Looks like scam emails from this fake law firm have been making the rounds as well.

Here’s someone talking about getting on back in October 2021 on the suck-o forum.

email spam for backlinks

I recommend clicking on the link above to read this entire forum thread as these people did a bit more digging into this fake law firm.

Scott Hill Young Legal Services Is The Same Scam

Hrm, where have I seen this before?

scott hill young fake law firm

Can you guess where this site is hosted and how old the domain is?


Will This Ever End?

Are you as tired of seeing these updates as I am writing them?

I suspect there are other fake law firm sites like these that just didn’t come up in Google…yet.

The problem is that people are falling for this scam instead of doing their due diligence to see if this is a legit legal email or not.

Honestly, I don’t see this scam stopping until either site owners wise up to this backlink scam, or the guy (or people) behind the scam get into legal hot water for impersonating a lawyer (which is illegal) and potentially for blackmail/coercion.

Remember, backlinks have a monetary value, which makes this form of fraud.

If you feel you’ve been scammed with one of these fake law firm emails, then the relevant authorities to lodge your complaint are:

And standard internet disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

If you missed the other updates about this scam:

11 thoughts on “Image Copyright Backlink Scam: Now In Part Four!”

  1. clever on the scammers part, and hopefully it will stop soon. i wasn’t aware of this scam and thanks for documenting it.

  2. Hi, Thanks a lot for your post. We have the confirmation it is a scam. It seems unbelievable to us to put so much energy and trickery to get backlinks.

  3. Thank you for writing about this. I suspected an SEO scam when this same law firm scammer contacted my family business today, with no actual proof of ownership or even where the photo is on the listed website and wanting a link within 7 days. In our case they’re claiming our blog post from 2017 has a infringing photo from this whitewater rafting online magazine that only dates back to 2020. My father was freaked out despite me telling him it’s a scam and wanted to change the photos ”just in case”, until I showed him this.

  4. I received a similar email few days back — for a moment, I assumed one of our graphics fellas actually made a mistake, and instead of Pixabay, used some copyrighted work.

    I even went ahead and unpublished that particular blog post — ain’t gonna add link to some sub sea services website on my blog, so unpublishing was the immediate remedy.

    Something did not feel right — I have come across a few DMCAs in the past, and this one just did not sound…. “DMCA-ish” enough. 🙂

    Decided to Google, found your page — thanks for the blog post. 🙂


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