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Siteground’s Unlimited Hosting Accounts Are Going Away!

I’ve had an account at Siteground since 2013, back when they were the best host around with the best customer support.

As they’ve gotten more popular, their customer support has taken a steep decline. And, they jacked up their prices for renewals, which people hated (of course).

And then they changed the promo pricing so that you only get it for the first year – even if you buy three years at the start.

Personally, I have one Siteground account left that’s due to expire later this year.

It’s where this very site is hosted, which is really the only reason that I’ve never closed the account.

The price for that first year at Siteground is pretty cheap since you can host unlimited sites on the top two plans, so I often recommend it for beginners.

siteground old unlimited plans

But….starting April 14th you’ll no longer be able to host an unlimited number of sites when you buy a new account with them.

Here’s what the email they sent out says about the change:

…new GrowBig accounts will host up to 2 websites and GoGeek accounts will accommodate up to 5. Accounts purchased before the change will not be affected and will keep the option to host unlimited sites.

I notice they didn’t mention any changes to their pricing structure either, which is going to make Siteground a really terrible purchase after April 14th.

So, if you want to get yourself a Siteground account with unlimited hosting (affiliate link), buy it before April 14th!

And if you’re reading this after April 14th, then I think that the cheaper alternative is going to be WPX since their site limits are higher for the money.

If you recall, when I moved all of my other sites off Siteground, WPX is where I took my business.

And with decent results, too.

wpx hosting plans

And I previously shared an entire list of Siteground alternatives, if WPX isn’t the right choice for your budget.

Personally, I need a new hosting account for some new sites that I’ll be using for testing. So, I’ve actually just bought another Siteground account while it’s still unlimited.

Will I renew it in a year?

I’m not sure, but I wanted to go ahead and snag it at the intro pricing while an unlimited account is still an option.

And, if you’re wondering where I currently host my sites, then check out these reviews:


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