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30 Days Of Ezoic’s Humix (My Results)

A little more than a month ago, I enabled Ezoic’s Humix on two of my sites.

If you didn’t read my introduction to Humix, then the tl;dr here is that Humix is how you can make more money from your Ezoic account using videos. (Don’t have your sites on Ezoic? Sign up here)

Getting started with Humix isn’t as simple as uploading a video and raking in the cash.

So do be sure to read my Humix guide before you implement it on your own site.

Now, if you’re like me what you’re most curious about is how these past 30 days went for the sites where I’m testing Humix.

Let’s dive right into the details.

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Results With Zero Uploaded Videos

One of the things that I was most curious about is if you can make enough money with Humix if you never actually upload any videos.

Due to the way Humix works, you could theoretically never upload any original videos and still earn just by opting in to display other Humix users videos.

The downside of this is that you end up splitting the revenue with the original video creator.

I mean, that’s good for them, but it does mean that you’ll earn less than if you were uploading your own videos.

At least, these are the theories that I started out with when I began my testing.

Okay, so here’s what to know about the site with this test –

  • It’s site #1 in my monthly Ezoic earnings income reports
  • Traffic is down for this site after I changed the domain
  • Only 1,285 visits in the last 30 days

So, on the Humix dashboard it shows the top 10 trending videos that were displayed on my site.

humix top displayed videos

I tried to determine how many different videos were shown in the last 30 days, but that information seemed to be nowhere….until I found it in Big Data Analytics. (I’ll get to that in a moment)

Of the 10 top trending videos, only that second one that shows 37 plays was completely irrelevant for the site.

But the rest were relevant, and that top one with 61 plays was super relevant to the point of it actually being a direct competitor targeting the same keyword as one of my top articles.

And here’s what’s interesting – this competitor wasn’t even on my radar until this.

So, in Big Data Analytics if you click on Humix on the left sidebar, then Displayed, and then Content you can see all the videos shown on your site from other Ezoic users.

All in it looks like 28 different videos were shown to my site visitors and three of those 28 videos were completely irrelevant for my audience.

Now for the interesting part – how much money did I earn showing other people’s videos?

Remember, the traffic on this site has been terrible these last 30 days.

humix 30 days displayed only income

Oof, just a total of $0.05 in the last month.

I’m not sure why the site got 1,285 visits but only 159 total video plays.

It’s too early in the day for me to do the math, but that’s gotta be a pretty terrible RPM.

I mean, if I had 100x the plays (15,900 plays), then I would only have made $5.00 in 30 days. Right?

Definitely not getting rich off showing only other people’s videos with Humix.

Maybe uploading my own videos is more profitable?


Results With My Own Uploaded Videos

Since I was curious about how much more you can earn with Humix when you upload your own videos, I had to test that as well.

You likely already know that I’m a big fan of YouTube for niche sites, so I feel like I’m probably making more videos that your average niche site or content site creator.

With that in mind, I didn’t wanna go crazy uploading videos initially because I want my results to be more representative of the average Ezoic blogger.

Before we get to my results, here’s what to know about the site for this test –

  • It’s site #2 in my monthly Ezoic earnings income reports
  • Traffic is just so-so for this one, but growing
  • My Ezoic dashboard shows 3,394 visits in the last 30 days
  • I only created and uploaded two videos for this test (informational topics)
  • I also created a YouTube channel for this site and put the same two videos there
  • These videos are shorter than most of my YouTube channels at around 3 minutes
  • I’m also opted in to showing other people’s videos for maximum monies

I think it’s also important to note that the two videos that I made are for the top two posts on this site – gotta maximize that money yo!

Here’s what the plays look like for the two videos that I uploaded –

humix owned videos

So, not much variation there in terms of number of plays.

Now compare those play numbers to the actual number of pageviews for those two posts from Google Analytics –

last 30 days analytics

I dunno why the video views are so much lower than the pageviews since the videos should auto-play.

Meanwhile in other people’s videos that are also being shown on my site –

other people's videos humix

According to Big Data Analytics, it looks like a total of 18 videos from other people were shown on my site.

I think they were all relevant to my audience, though there was one with a vague title that I’m not sure about.

Though it appears that the video that got 33 plays is the only one that made any money for me.

And here are the plays where my original videos were displayed on other Ezoic sites –

shared videos humix

Kaboom! Those numbers are more like what I was expecting to see.

What’s really interesting here is that when I look in big data analytics, that video with 1,302 views only made 22.47% of the “shared videos” revenue (screenshot down below).

Now show me the money, eh?

Well, here’s what the Humix revenue for the last 30 days of this site looks like –

humix money all video views

Well, that’s better than the other test I’m running but still not amazing, right?

So, let’s dig in and see where this $0.30 came from to see how worth it creating my own videos really is for me.

big data analytics video breakdown

It looks like the bulk of the revenue did come from the videos that I made, with only $0.02 being attributed to showing other people’s videos.

It’s also super interesting to see how many plays my videos got on other people’s sites, but that having to split that revenue with them really made the RPM low compared to just showing my own videos on my own site.

Now let’s compare it to YouTube!

So, I didn’t actually get the videos uploaded to a new YouTube channel for the site until March 5th.

And I didn’t really do anything else with this channel since then just cause I want a clean test (and it’s killing me cause I wanna optimize this channel!).

Here’s what the channel analytics look like –

youtube channel analytics

lol just 18 total views and zero subscribers.

And here’s the views by video breakdown on YouTube –

youtube top videos

So video #1 is the same #1 video on Humix, just a FYI for ya.

Remember how I said above that it’s killing me that I wanted to keep everything identical and not optimize this channel?

Here’s how that is hurting me on YouTube –

youtube ctr

I really need to tweak my thumbnails and such….and I just might start doing that soon.

Just to give you an idea of why this CTR is killing me, I’m more used to seeing this when I start a new channel –


Don’t get me wrong, that 5.7% for video #2 isn’t all that terrible, but I think it could be better with a little work optimizing it.

Final Thoughts

In the end, if you’re not uploading your own videos then I don’t see Humix being worth it for you.

The revenue share that you get for displaying other people’s videos on your site just isn’t enough to even take the time setting up Humix.

But what about when you’re uploading your own videos?

Well, $0.30 a month isn’t going to make a dent in anyone’s bank account, right?

And when you consider the amount of time it takes to make and edit a video, this looks even worse.

Of course, you can use something like Flickify or Pictory to make the process easier and faster.

Granted, like all things the niche likely plays a big part in the earnings here and something like personal finance may bring in loads of money from video plays.

Maybe I’ll try to run a test in that niche at some point.

I do think if you’re already making videos for YouTube, then it’s a no brainer to go ahead and upload them to Humix as well.

With that in mind, I will continue making videos for my site #2 because I do want to upload them to YouTube as well.

However, going forward I will be more proactive about optimizing for YouTube so that I see better results there.

My intention is to continue this YouTube vs Humix experiment for the rest of the year.

Going forward, you’ll be able to see updates on it when I publish my Ezoic earnings monthly income reports (starting with the April report).

If you’ve tested Humix or are currently using it, then I’d love to hear about your results.

And if you’re interested in trying out Humix but not yet using Ezoic on your site, then why not sign up and make some sweet internet monies?

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