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My Black Friday 2022 Deals! (and some of my favorite offers this year)

Wanna save some cash on my stuff this Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Wanna know the cool deals for other stuff that I think are awesome?

You’re in the right place!

My Courses And Bundles – 50% Off 😱

If you’ve been waiting to buy one of my courses or course bundles, then this is the time.

I’m selling all of them this Black Friday/Cyber Monday at a crazy 50% off.

Including the new course Creating A YouTube Channel To Scale Your Niche Site

Yeah, half price is more of a discount than I offered last year, so take advantage of that.

No coupon needed as I’ve adjusted the price on every single course and bundle for you.

Here’s a quick link for each one with Black Friday pricing-

My Other Discounts

Need some consulting or coaching? Then you’re in luck!

This year you get a 45-minute session (I normally only do 30-minutes) and you get a cool 20% off with coupon BFCM2022 (after paying, you’ll get instructions on booking a time)

And yes, you can book more than one 45-minute session to use at any time between now and the end of 2023.

As you likely know, I do have an agency where we do some link building and other services for clients.

Through Cyber Monday, you can save 20% on all services we offer with coupon BFCM2022

View our services here.

I also have been secretly running (with a silent partner) a topic cluster content agency in beta and we can take on a few more clients.

Through Cyber Monday, you can save 20% on all services we offer with coupon BFCM2022

View our services here.

We only have two people trained on this right now, plus me checking all their work, so this offer may close early.

Other Black Friday Deals I Think You Should Check Out

1. Odys Global

Hands down my favorite place to shop for quality aged domains.

For exactly 24 hours from November 25th to November 26th, you can score 21% off all domains with the promo code BLACK21.

And, if you don’t already have an account with them, this link nets you a $100 credit to your account. (affiliate link)

2. Niche Site Metrics

This one isn’t so much of a Black Friday deal, but a reminder to buy it while you still can for a one-time cost.

Otherwise, you’ll get stuck paying a subscription cost for it.

Buy it now (affiliate link).

Or check out my review.

3. WPX Hosting

It’s been a few years since I’ve used WPX, but with these Black Friday discounts I had to sign back up.

I got the Professional plan (for 15 sites) for a full year for $399.

That’s just straight up madness right there.

Check out the deals for yourself.

4. Semrush

Ever since Ahrefs changed their pricing plan and started taking away features from legacy users, I’ve been trying to use Semrush more and more.

Seems like most of those Ahrefs features I no longer have access to are actually readily available in Semrush on the Guru plan.

Well, for Black Friday they are giving out a crazy discount on Guru plans.

Save 40% on Semrush Guru with 500 additional keywords to track! Pretty great, eh?

Don’t miss this deal! (affiliate link)

5. PostXPro Plugin

The premium plugin is one of my favorite discoveries in the last year. I found when I was looking for an Elementor Pro replacement.

With this plugin, I can create awesome looking homepages and category hub pages with minimal effort.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can save up to 45% off this sweet little plugin.

Grab this deal here. (affiliate link)

6. MyContentPal

If I’m paying for content, then this is where I’m spending my dollars. In fact, they are currently working on a 100,000 words order for me.

Anyways, check out this deal –

  • 🧐50-99k words = 7 cents per word
  • 😵100-199k words = 6.5 cents per word
  • 😏200-999k words = 6 cents per word
  • 😍1MM-1.9MM words = 5.5 cents per word
  • 😱🔥😱🔥2MM+ = 4.9 cents per word

Score these prices with this link (affiliate link).

7. GeneratePress Premium

This is the theme that I use on most of my sites because it loads fast, looks clean, and it easy to tweak.

For Black Friday, you can get up to 25% off this premium theme.

Get the deal here. (affiliate link)

8. LowFruits

This is one of my favorite tools when I’m looking for longtail keywords.

The deal for this year :

  • All pay-as-you-go credits with a 40% discount (no coupon needed).
  • Yearly subscriptions with a 50% discount (coupon will be made available directly on the subscription page).

The offer will be available 1 week, starting on : Wednesday 23rd November till Wednesday 30th November (included) – GMT.

Score the deal here (affiliate link).

9. KeywordChef

This is another of my favorite tools for finding longtail keywords that should definitely be on your radar (my review).

The Black Friday deal is double credits, which is pretty sweet.

So, between Nov. 25th and Nov. 30th, 2022 you can load up your account on the cheap.

Create your account here and order up those double credits(affiliate link)

10. WP Rocket

If you want your site to be wicked fast for Core Web Vitals, then you need a kickass caching plugin.

This is the one that I use on every single site that I own.

The Black Friday deal is 30% off for new licenses.

So, between November 21st to November 30th, 2022, you can speed up your site for a bit cheaper than I do.

Snag this deal here(affiliate link)

11. Niche Website Builders

The deals:


Snag this deal here. (affiliate link)

12. ConvertKit

I use this on my sites and highly recommend.

The discount offer is the Creator Plan for $199 for the first year. That’s over 30% off the regular price.

Get that deal here (affiliate link).

13. Content Refined

Still shopping for content deals?

You can score up to 25% off packages at Content Refined from Nov 21st to Nov 30th.

Check out that deal here. (affiliate link)

And if you’ve found any awesome deals that you think I need to buy, then hit me up with those!

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