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Niche Site Metrics vs (+ Review)

For those of you not on Twitter, you may not know that a tool similar to Niche Site Metrics was announced and released at practically the same time.

That tool is

There was a bit of drama over all of this on Twitter, but in the end these are two similar tools that are actually a bit different.

I previously reviewed Niche Site Metrics here, so I’ll give you a mini review of and let you know how it compares to Niche Site Metrics.

The Basics Of

At its core, is a database of sites monetized by Mediavine, AdThrive, or Ezoic.

The sales page for this tool mentions having more than 10,000 domains in the database in one spot and over 12,000 domains in a different spot, but I’m currently seeing just under 9,000 results. homepage

In this tool, you can filter the by the following parameters:

  • niche
  • domain authority (DA)
  • traffic
  • ad management network

And you can then sort the results by:

  • lowest traffic
  • highest traffic
  • lowest DA
  • highest DA filters

Once you run a search, the output is really clean and it looks a lot like Trello cards to me.

Let’s say you want to see sites in the Coffee niche.

Here’s the results it will give you:

niche finder io results

If you look at that screenshot, then you’ll notice that some of those don’t really look like coffee sites, right?

Well, you can click on the domain on each card (it’s the only clickable item) to go directly to the website.

After checking out some of these non-coffee sites, I discovered that they do have some coffee related content, which is why they seem to be included.

I think it would be nice if you could click on those niche tags on each card so that you can view all the results in each niche category.

As of right now, those are not clickable.

That means to view all results in the pre-defined categories, you have to do a niche search using the exact format that you see in the tag.

So, searching for “coffee and tea” instead of just “coffee” brings up all the sites in that niche category. Review

Overall, this is a nice, clean tool that doesn’t overwhelm you with data.

However, based on my own site portfolio and that of others who I know use display ads, this tool is missing a lot of sites.

At it’s current price point of a one-time fee of $97, I still think this is a decent buy if you want to keep up with sites running display ads.

I’m not so sure that I would recommend it at a higher cost or a monthly fee.

If you want to check it out, you can buy here.

For those of you reading this before Black Friday ends, I do seem to recall the creator mentioning a price increase after Black Friday.

Which Is Better – Niche Site Metrics or

Honestly, I think that both of these tools have value for most people – assuming you don’t want to spend the time gathering all this data on your own for free (which you can do).

And these two tools have the same use cases for site owners/builders.

I do want to note that neither tool creator seems to be listing their own sites in the tools, which is interesting.

I say that *thinking* that I know at least one site owned by each of them, but it’s entirely possible that I am incorrect.


If you want the most data for the money, then Niche Site Metrics is the winner.

If you want the cheaper of the two tools, then is the winner.

If you want topical maps, then may be the winner because the creator is supposedly working on that feature.

If you want sites with affiliate links also in the data, then Niche Site Metrics is the winner.

I do own both tools and I have made interesting discoveries with each of them.

Neither of them have all of my sites running display ads listed, but Niche Site Metrics does seem to have more of them.

I guess that means that Niche Site Metrics is more accurate/up-to-date.

If you end up buying one, I’ll be curious to know how you get on with it.

And if you buy both, I’ll be curious to know which one you prefer.

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