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Niche Site Metrics – Is It Worth It For Finding Niches?

If you’re not on Twitter, then you may have missed the launch (and drama) surrounding the recent launch of two very similar tools.

The first one to hit the market was Niche Site Metrics, which was created (compiled?) by Ian Nuttall.

If you’re not familiar with Ian, then he is definitely worth a follow.

He seems to primarily do stuff with programmatic SEO, but one day on Twitter he randomly posed the idea of creating the tool that became Niche Site Metrics…and that brings us to the tool itself.

What Does It Do?

In essence, Niche Site Metrics is a growing database of sites that are utilizing at least one of the following:

  • Mediavine
  • AdThrive
  • Ezoic
  • Newor Media
  • Amazon Associates
  • adSense
  • Freestar
  • Shareasale

Initially, the data was presented as an Airtable document, but as Ian began adding more and more data to it the size resulted in him needing more than one Airtable link for buyers.

Fast forward to present day and the data now resides on a dedicated website.

You can manipulate the data using a variety of filters, though when playing around with it today it seems that the “sort results” feature may be a bit buggy.

But I should note that I’ve been having issues with my Mac this week, so the glitches I’ve experienced may likely be entirely on my end.

And if it’s not on my end, then I have no doubt that it will get resolved as he’s already made so many updates to this product since releasing it.

How To Use It

I can really only think of two use cases for this tool –

  • to discover a new niche
  • to discover competitors

For most people, I think this will likely be used to find new niches when you’re stuck and don’t really know what to make a site about on your own.

Lord knows that I’ve already got more sites than I can handle, so my use case is to identify competitors that I may have missed with my normal research.

What I’m looking for are competitors that are low authority who may have identified keywords or topic clusters that I haven’t yet thought of targeting.

Competitor research is also good for seeing how other sites in your niche are bringing in revenue.

Using this tool, I’ve already found a potentially lucrative new affiliate program that I joined last week.

Here’s a quick look at the results this tool spits out –

Is It Worth It?

At the end of the day, Niche Site Metrics is really only as valuable as your follow-through.

If you intend to actually use it to look for new niches or competitors, then there is a ton of data here for your perusal.

But that may also be a negative for people who suffer from decision fatigue as the amount of data is overwhelmingly large.

And yes, you can readily find all of these sites on your own for free….but this tool saves you time by having them all in one place.

At the end of they day, for a one-time cost of $197 I do think it is worth it because of the time-saving aspect.

Note: this product is moving to subscription pricing, so lock in that one-time fee now.

But like I said, as long as you actually intend to use the product.

Don’t just buy this to sit unused like all those things you’ve already bought off AppSumo.

Interested? Buy it here.

Niche Site Metrics Review - Is It Worth It? + How I Use It

And don’t forget to give Ian a follow on Twitter cause he’s one of the few people in Niche Site Twitter that is truly worth a follow these days.

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