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Ezoic Community Top Performer Award Winner Announced!

If you recall the contest from Ezoic for the Community Top Performer, then you may remember that today is the day that I get to announce the winner!

ezoic community top performer award

I’ve known who the winner is for a full week now, and I’ve been excited to share the news.

And I’m excited that it ended up being someone who is active in my private forum for students of my courses.

The winner for the Skipblast community that Ezoic picked is: Jeremy Den Hartog 

Here’s the details about Jeremy direct from Ezoic –

While Jeremy has been building websites since 1996, the first time he really attempted to monetize them with ads was in June of 2021 on a site he started on January 1st, 2021.

Since then he has grown the traffic and revenue for his site to around 100,000 page views per month.

His website is currently level 3 and recently qualified for Diamond level with Ezoic Premium.

Jeremy is a hard worker who has demonstrated persistence and dedication and we are proud to award him with the Skipblast / Shawna Newman community Top Performer Award.

Big congrats to Jeremy on winning – and even bigger congrats on growing a site to 100,000 pageviews within one year of starting a site!


If you’re also in my private forum, then feel free to give him a personal congrats there!

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