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Ezoic Content Marketing Plan Case Study – Conclusion

It’s been three months since my last update to this case study.

This is the final update for this because I have all the data that I need, so there’s really no point in more updates.

Ready? Let’s see how the last few months went for this site…

**And as always, I’m an affiliate marketer and this post probably contains affiliate links, meaning I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

The Recap

In case you don’t remember the last updates, or if you just don’t want to read them, then let me give you a quick recap.

The objective: Can I boost the income of my site by using Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics to identify the type of content that results in the higher ePMVs and creating a content marketing plan based on my findings?

The EPMV’s before starting:

  • overall ePMV for January for this site was $10.37
  • overall ePMV for February for this site was $11.54

The challenges:

  • ad rates naturally rise at the end of quarters and as the year progresses
  • ad rates usually drop in the first month of each quarter
  • it takes time to rank the new content

The goal:

  • reach $20 ePMV with this site

How things were going:

  • overall ePMV for March for this site was $12.99
  • overall ePMV for April for this site was $13.73

What’s Happened Since My Last Update

I’ve basically just been doing the same thing, which was get up fresh content that I think will result in a higher ePMV.

Since I’d exhausted all of the topics with the legal slant that I wanted to get up, that left one type of content for me to add in the recent months:

  • content with a focus on luxury items


So, that’s exactly the type of content that I published on the site.

I only added a total of 36 new posts to the site since April.

May Highlights

In May, four of the top five pages on this site were the legal slant articles.

And the fifth is one of the luxury-focused articles.

This change in my top articles helped to boost the ePMV for the month to $16.98 for May.

Pretty good increase compared to April’s $13.73, eh?

June Highlights

In June, there was a bit more shakeup in the top five pages on this site.

The #1 post in terms of traffic was an article with a luxury slant.

In fact, three of the top 5 articles for June had a luxury slant.

The other two are the legal slant articles.

This change in my top articles helped to boost the ePMV for the month to $18.93 for June.

So close to that $20 I’m aiming for!

But it is still a nice improvement over May’s ePMV.

July Highlights

In July, there was zero change with the posts in the top 5 most traffic.

However, both the #1 and #2 most trafficked posts were both with a luxury slant this time around.

Wondering how that affected the ePMV?

This change in my top articles helped to boost the ePMV for the month to $19.48 for July.

Just barely short of that target of $20 ePMV!


August Highlights (so far)

With August almost over, I think I’ve got enough data to tell you how things are going.

The top 5 most trafficked posts are still the same and still in the same order.

But, the ePMV does have a slight change!

So far, the ePMV for the month is $19.81 for August.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this was a very worthwhile experiment that has changed the way I create content.

I started out at an overall ePMV for January for this site of $10.37 and I’m closing things up with an overall ePMV for August for this site of $19.81.

Sure, the usual increase of ad rates throughout the year played a part in this rise, but I do have to wonder how low it would be if I hadn’t made a content plan based solely on chasing that high ePMV?

I have a feeling that I’d be somewhere around $15 with this site if I hadn’t changed my content plan.

Going forward, I’ll be doing a similar analysis for all of my other sites to determine if I need to revamp my content plans for them as well.

I hope this case study helps you to make better decisions about the content plan for your sites. And if you’re not yet signed up with Ezoic for your site, you can do that here.

6 thoughts on “Ezoic Content Marketing Plan Case Study – Conclusion”

  1. Hi Shawna, thanks for this case-study. Very helpful for me as an Ezoic-beginner.
    Even though you mentioned that you will not provide more updates (you have all the data you want and plan to flip), in case you still have the site until yearend it would be interesting to see how it performed in the fourth quarter, where your visitors could have a focus on the luxury articles.
    And did you gain any more insights on the travel related articles?
    All the best,

    • Best RPM is definitely from the travel-focused content, so if you can find a way to make that work for your niche – go for it! Of course, that is also more competition, which is why I focused more on the luxury-focused content.


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