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Earning More Money With Ezoic’s Universal Player

In my last income report, I mentioned the Universal Player as a new feature from Ezoic that is currently enabled on some of my Ezoic sites.

At the time, I didn’t really know much about what the Universal Player is all about, or even how much money it was making my sites. (I still don’t know!)

Since then, I’ve learned a bit more about it and can hopefully answer some questions that you may have as well.

Wtf Is It?

So, having sites with Mediavine they also have a similar Universal Player – essentially this is just a source of video ads that appears in your content and as a floating video ad.

Basically, it’s just another way for you to show Ezoic ads and earn a bit more cash (hopefully).

The important thing here, as least in my understanding, is that this is an additional ad on your site – so if you’re the kind of site owner who likes to limit on-site ads, then this won’t be ideal for you.

But I think you can turn on this ad feature while lowering some of the others for a bit more balance.

How To Get Started With Ezoic’s Universal Player

So, if you were already using Humix on your Ezoic site, then you’ve likely already been opted-in to this new feature.

I say that because I was, and I know of lot of other bloggers were as well.

But, if that’s not you, then here’s how to get started and test it out.

Here’s the basic steps –

  • Go to your Humix monetization settings (Humix, then Monetization)
  • Toggle Universal Player “on”
humix enable

Okay, so if you don’t have any videos or want to show anyone else’s in Humix, you can still show a “sticky” video ad that stays anchored to the bottom corner of your screen.

show only ads

This is exclusively video advertisements without any video content separate from the ad.

Note: If you are already using Ezoic’s floating video ad unit, this will automatically deactivate once Universal Player is enabled. 

About The Money Making

Obviously, the reason to enable this new Universal Player thingie is to make more Ezoic ad money from your site.

So, here’s the deal with that – Ezoic technology intelligently identifies the best location on each page to insert engaging videos, with ads playing within the content.

This is a feature that they say can dramatically increase revenue for your site, with one instream video view equal to 4-5 display ad views.

If you’re like me, then the most important question is where can I see how much money is coming from this new feature?

I asked my Ezoic contact about this and if it is in Big Data Analytics.

Here is the answer I got back –

Segmented Universal Player revenue data is not yet available in BDA. This reporting feature will be available soon.

So, while it’s not listed in Big Data Analytics just yet, it will eventually show up there.

I do wish they had an ETA on that though cause right now it means that you don’t really know how much of your income each month is coming from this new feature.

That means that I can’t really tell you yet if this is worth it or not.

I did see this article where a few bloggers with EPMV increases due to this new feature.

Though if your Ezoic revenue is pretty stable, you may be able to get an idea of how much comes from Universal Player after you enable it.

If you end up testing it out and can determine roughly how much your revenue grew, then I’d love to hear about it!

2 thoughts on “Earning More Money With Ezoic’s Universal Player”

  1. Hi Shawna,
    I don’t see it as Universal Player, but I see the total Humix income in by BDA.
    If you click then at Owned you should see what your site makes with your own videos. That’s good enough for me.
    I make more money with my shared videos

    • Yeah, I’d still like to see just the Universal Player income vs Humix videos. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer of a wait.


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