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How I Use LowFruits To Find Crazy Low Competition Keywords

Since starting my Project Pepperoni case study and seeing amazing results with my keyword research strategy, I’ve gotten several questions on how to make the most of the LowFruits keyword tool.

The truth is that I’m not a power user of the tool.

I just happened to find a really simple process that works – and works really well.

I’m using the same method on sites other the Project Pepperoni site and seeing similar awesome results.

**And as always, I’m an affiliate marketer and this post contains affiliate links, meaning I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

My LowFruits Keyword Research Strategy

When you see how basic and simply my process is, you may be tempted to write it off as me having a laugh – but this is legit how I’m using the tool.

It’s stupid simple and it works.

I focus on making the most of wildcard searches to find those keywords that people are asking online in things like forums and that no site owners are really targeting on their sites.

If my site was focused on something like bread making, then I’d run the following keyword reports in LowFruits:

  • how to * bread
  • how * bread

That’s exactly how I’ve started the Project Pepperoni site and haven’t had to run any other reports yet!

And when I exhaust all the keywords in those reports, then I will move on to things like:

  • why * bread
  • which * bread
  • where * bread
  • what * bread

You can even look for keywords like:

  • can I * bread
  • does * bread
  • do bread makers *
  • will bread *
  • and so on…

And then eventually to bread maker brands/models to get troubleshooting keywords.

Of course, I’m focusing on informational topics for the sites that I’m working on right now, but you can take the same approach with more affiliate-focused keywords if that’s your objective.

Now, I should note that, for me, most of these keywords that I’m finding with LowFruits and creating content for don’t really require lengthy articles.

But, I’m writing only what it really needed to fully meet intent and the articles are ranking – with many taking the featured snippet almost immediately upon being indexed.

In fact, I have several articles that aren’t even 500 words bringing in loads of traffic as they sit in the featured snippet.

One additional thing to note here is that if you’re monetizing with display ads is that short articles are not ideal, so now what?

I’ve found that filling those short articles with lots of images and a relevant YouTube video – without going overboard and having it look funky- is enough to keep the RPM at a decent level.

While I cannot guarantee that this will work well for you and your sites, I 100% think that you should give it a try because it’s stupid easy and it just fucking works.

I recommend signing up for LowFruits and taking it for a test drive – it just might surprise you and replace your more expensive keyword tool.


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    • Honestly, they are both pretty similar in how you can use them and I have credits in both. But I find myself always choosing LowFruits first. I suggest testing out both and seeing which you prefer.


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