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From Hating AI Content To A $1,000+/mo Site (Bulk AI Content Case Study)

A year ago, I was firmly in the “I hate AI content” camp and it wasn’t until a few months into 2023 that I accepted that it was time for me to change my views.

My undergrad degree is in English and Journalism, so it’s easy to see why that was my initial view.

Truthfully, I still don’t love AI content. But it doesn’t really matter how I feel about it.

Because SEO and growing niche sites doesn’t have shit to do with emotions or feelings.

It’s about being willing to adapt and pivot to what’s working. So, I pivoted.


**And as always, I’m an affiliate marketer and this post contains affiliate links, meaning I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

How It Started

I started out using CopyAI and Quillbot (just a little here and there) because I thought they were the best at the time. I continued testing every new AI tool though.

You may recall that I really hated Koala when it was released, but after lots of improvements it’s one of the AI content tools that I use on the regular these days. (I also like Cuppa and Zimmwriter)

But it still took me a while to really double down on AI content.

The real appeal for me is being able to get a draft published in just a few minutes compared to several hours.

I always work by getting a draft up first and then going back in and editing it to be better and to sprinkle in keywords that are popping up in Search Console.

Anyways, few months back, I started an experiment where I mass published a fuckload of AI content (using the cheaper 3.5 Turbo, not 4.0) to see what would happen.

The site in question has been live just over 1.5 years with only two posts published (written by me, not AI) before I started this little experiment with mass scale AI content publishing.

How It’s Been Going

That AI test site continues to amaze me, while a site of mine that’s got great human-written content with unique research took an almost 80% hit in HCU.

Right now, this AI content-based site is monetized by display ads.

It’s earning almost $50/day. Can you fucking believe that?

But the best part is how little it cost me. (cause I spent like $30K last year on premium content for the site that got hit hard by HCU)

I opted to use Koala for this because I thought it would offer the best ROI in terms of time. I ordered the $2,000/mo plan, which gives you 10,000,000 words (that is a cost of $0.0002 per word).

BUT – I used a coupon code that gave me 50% off for that first month, making the per-word cost just $0.0001/word.

  • 3,923,016 words published
  • at $0.0001 per word
  • = $392.30 total spend

If I’d paid the full price of $0.0002 per word, it would have cost me $784.60 all in.

Keep in mind that if I’d used Cuppa or Zimmwriter, then the cost probably would have been even less…but I think the time-saving aspect made Koala worth it.

The tl;dr is here is that the site is already profitable – and it would be profitable if I’d paid full price for that Koala package.

I first monetized the site with AdSense, but literally no one clicked on those ads.

Not a single fucking click.

So, zero dollars earned with that.

But after putting it on a premium ads network/partner, the money started rolling in. Currently the RPM is around $14 per 1,000 sessions.

Here’s what the last 30 days of traffic looks like for the site –

last 30 days analytics

Yup, that’s over $1,000 in monthly ad revenue right there.

Of course, traffic is still growing and I’m back to adding more content to this site, so I can’t wait to see how much it earns by the month’s end.

As you might guess, I’m deploying this exact same strategy across a few other domains in my portfolio to see what else I can accomplish.

If you want to try the same thing, then here’s my tips:

  • Pick a niche with a fuck ton of content potential where the facts don’t change – this is important because you want to make sure the AI tool you use doesn’t find conflicting information
  • Aged domains get faster traction, but I’m already seeing good results with fresh domains
  • Use Koala because it access the web in real time & publishes to your site with AI images included (you’ll be profitable faster with your site since you won’t be buying images)
  • DO NOT host with Siteground because their spam captcha blocks Koala auto-publishing – WPX or BigScoots is what I’m using. And don’t use Cloudflare, because it also ends up blocking Koala after a while. (note: this has supposedly been fixed for Siteground and the Cloudflare thing may have been due to my personal settings)
  • Use one of the starter site templates that comes with a premium theme – this helps you get approved for display ads cause it looks like a “real” site. I recommend GeneratePress Premium or Kadence Pro for this.
  • Add featured images and publish – this is the only time consuming part. Koala saves the posts as drafts and none of the AI images default as the featured image. So, you gotta do this for each post.
  • Collect your internet monies 🤑
  • If you’re using a fresh domain, you may end up needing some backlinks to put things on turbo mode. Hit me up at Growth Cupid to get you sorted on that. I’ll give you a discount code for being cool. (we can also create your content)

So, now that you know what I’ve done and how you can do it, I think the natural question here is – How long will this last?

Honestly, I don’t know. That’s why I’m spending all my time replicating this process on other domains so that I can take full advantage of it and earn maximum internet monies with this strategy.

I’m going to buy one of those big ass Black Friday credit packs at Koala since buying Gold or higher gets you access to 4.5 turbo (I wanna test it out to see how it compares). Plus, those credit packs don’t expire, which means that I get plenty of time to mass publish content across several domains.

Update: bought that credit pack!

Koala credit pack

I’m also gearing up to start the Growth Cupid team on an aggressive Pinterest strategy for this AI site so that if it does get hit by Google, I’ll have a good back-up traffic source.

If this was a niche that would do well on YouTube, then I’d try that ….but it’s not.

If you end up trying this same strategy, then keep me updated on how it goes for you. I’d love to hear about other people having the same success with it. A few days ago I saw that there’s one dude making $15,000/mo with a similar strategy.

Update: this site is now SOLD and there will be no more updates on it.

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15 thoughts on “From Hating AI Content To A $1,000+/mo Site (Bulk AI Content Case Study)”

    • You could do it with any niches that has thousands of content topic opportunities. Religion is one of my favorite examples to use (because it pays so low, it’s not one I’ll ever use ).

  1. Great case study! If I read correctly in your Twitter post, you published 2,000 articles in 3 days? In Koala, did you specify the article length? And did you just enter a keyword or more of a detailed prompt for the article subject? Thanks!

    • Hi Todd,
      It was closer to 1,700 over 3 days. No length specified. Entered a list of keywords and that was it. I did run a few test articles from the batch first to make sure things weren’t gonna go off the rails.

  2. Haha I loved being the “one dude” referenced in your conclusion! I feel like I’ve made it with my Skipblast mention

    Seriously though, I love reading about your epic portfolio of sites!

    If you ever want to chat AI strategy, send me an email!

  3. Hi Shawna,

    What do you mean Siteground blocks Koala auto-publishing? I currently use Siteground and have started replicating this strategy, and I want to make sure I have the best chance at succeeding

    • Their spam captcha was stopping the auto-publishing. But I saw the owner of Koala saying they’ve fixed that with Siteground now, so you should be fine. My suggestion is to do a single article and test the connection to your WordPress site. That way you’ll know it’s working.

  4. Hi,

    Just found your site and this looks very interesting, for how long of a period have you published those 1700 articles, and, in your opinion, which one is a better writer, Koala or Zimmerwriter? I’ve been looking at the Zimmerwriter but still haven’t made a decision about it.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Chris,
      I have both, as well as Cuppa, and prefer to use Koala most of the time just because it is more user-friendly. I can go from keyword to draft on my site fastest with Koala. If you’re trying to work on a budget though, and don’t mind it taking slightly longer then Zimm is a great choice. Though Cuppa is closer in feel to Koala (and I like that it lives in the cloud, so I can use it on any computer).

      • Hello again Shawna,

        Just no running a test with Zimmwriter how well it’s doing, so far so good, but let’s see in a couple of months.

        Now trying with four different sites how Google is responding to it. Best of Luck to You!

  5. Hey Shawna, love your content and insights!!! Thanks so much for these posts. Curious if you’d be willing to share how much you were able to exit the site for, and how the others are doing? 🙂

    • Hey Gabrielle,
      I can’t disclose, but I can tell you that the last 30 days at the time was just over $5,000 and also getting traffic from Facebook and Pinterest. Success with my other sites is varied right now, likely because they are relatively new. Once I have anything meaningful to share, I’ll do a blog post about it. I’m now using GPT4 Turbo for higher quality content.


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