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15 Best Black Friday 2023 Deals for Bloggers & Niche Site Builders! (including my own deals)

Wanna save some cash on my stuff this Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Including stuff from my agency, Growth Cupid.

Wanna know the cool deals for other stuff that I think are awesome?

You’re in the right place!

First up, the sponsor of this round up –

Based on my own experiences buying aged domains, Domain Coasters is the most affordable marketplace out there.

For Black Friday, they have added new 400+ Budget and 65+ Premium Aged Domains in 60+ niches.

Grab 20% Flat Discount on Expired domains!

**And as always, I’m an affiliate marketer and this post contains affiliate links, meaning I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

My Discounts For You

If you’re interested in my own deals there, here’s what is on offer-

12 Other Black Friday Deals I Think You Should Check Out

There are a few deals out there that I think are totally worth it, which I’m also taking advantage of where I can.

1. Koala

I know, I know, I really hated this tool when it was first released but it’s come a LONG way and now I use it almost daily.

Their Black Friday deal is for credit packs that last for a whole year – and they’re at a discount.

And if you but the Gold pack or higher, you get early access to GPT4.5 Turbo, which is cheaper than GPT4. Boom! That’s a no brainer for me!

2. Site Stats Database

Yeah, this another tool like NicheFinder.io and Niche Site Metrics …but also a bit different.

Super clean interface. Several other types of monetization to search for.

I’ve already found some interesting sites in one of my niches that I did see in the other two tools.

Plus, the Black Friday deal is a really great savings off the regular price. If you go for the lifetime deal, it’s $200 off!

3. Cuppa

Yes, another AI content tool – but this one lets you bring your own API key from OpenAI.

That means cheaper cost per-article. They also have a free trial.

I’ve been a paid user of this tool since the beginning.

4. WPX Hosting

I have web site hosting with four different places. This is one of them – and the ONLY one that has a special deal for existing customers.

Plus, they don’t block Koala if you’re using Bulk Mode to auto-publish (fuck you, Siteground).

The deal this year for new customers either:

  • 4 months free on an annual plan, or
  • 98% off for two months on the monthly plan

Support here is great. Love that they do unlimited free site transfers too.

5. Cloudways

This is another host that I use, and the only other one that I think has a good Black Friday deal worth checking out.

No other host I use loads my sites as quickly as Cloudways. That’s enough reason to check them out.

Their crazy deal for Black Friday is 40% off for 4 months. That’s some dirt cheap hosting right there.

6. GeneratePress Premium

This is one of my favorite themes as has been for years.

It loads fast and looks good. What more do you need?

7. Kadence Pro

This is another of my favorite themes in recent years.

It’s got loads of customization options and looks great while loading fast.

I use it with Kadence Blocks Pro on several of my sites.

8. Semrush

This is my #1 backup SEO tool and the best Ahrefs alternative out there right now.

And they’re doing a wicked 30% off new plans.

It’s definitely worth checking out cause they actually do some stuff better than Ahrefs.

9. KeywordChef

Yeah, I pay for a lot of SEO tools, but I only recommend the deals for the ones that I use.

This is one of them. In fact, I’m going to be sharing a case study soonish where KeywordChef is the only keyword tool used.

There’s also this really cool niche research tool inside Keyword Chef that you really gotta check out.

Oh yeah, they’re also doing double credits for Black Friday (Nov 24 – Nov 29).

9. LowFruits

Yup, another one of the keyword research tools that I pay for and recommend for you as well.

This one has two different deals on offer for 2023 –

  • 40% OFF on Pay-As-You-Go credits
  • 50% OFF on the first year of our annual subscriptions

Deals available until Tuesday, November 28th, midnight PST.

10. Frase

I use this for optimizing content for my own sites as well as for content orders that we get at Growth Cupid.

And they’re offer a cool 30% off for life. That’s a pretty nice deal.

11. Lasso

In my testing, it’s literally the best plugin to maximize your Amazon affiliate revenue.

So, like, why would you not be using it?

Don’t you wanna make more money from Amazon affiliates?

Anyways, their offer is – if you buy Lasso for one website between the the Black Friday period, you also get a CHOICE of one of the following for FREE!! 👇

  1. Query Hunter: a whole free year of Query Hunter for one site
  2. Link Whisper: a whole free year of Link Whisper for one site
  3. Cuppa.sh: a whole year of free Cuppa for one site
  4. PeakSERP: a whole year of free PeakSERP for the 75 keyword package
  5. MyContentPal: 2,000 free words by MCP’s 100% human high-level writing team
  6. Popcorn Theme: a whole free year for unlimited sites

And, if you purchase 3x Lasso licenses then you get a choice of THREE OF THEM. This Black Friday offer will be available between the 23rd and 27th November.

12. Good Deals from Mushfiq

You probably already know Mushfiq from The Website Flip and he’s got some cool deals on his stuff and the brands he owns.

Here’s his deals that I recommend:

  • EasyWins.io (40% OFF): 120+ battle-tested tactics to 10X your site’s revenue. Join over 705+ people using this database today. Get 40% OFF!
  • EasyDiligence.io (40% OFF): 45+ due diligence questions database and dashboard. This tool helps you DIY due diligence when buying. Get 40% OFF!
  • Clockwork Copy – 25% OFF all content packages (from 8 cents/word to 6 cents/word). We are a boutique content agency with a college-educated writing team in New Zealand. We write for your visitors with well-researched highly-edited content. Get 25% OFF off with code 25OFF!

4 thoughts on “15 Best Black Friday 2023 Deals for Bloggers & Niche Site Builders! (including my own deals)”

  1. I’m pretty much sure that the person behind Site Stats Database used to (and probably still is) scam people on Blackhatworld (username Sartre). He was selling a similar service there and of course, disappeared like a coward after some sales. Buyer beware.

    • Oh wow, that’s not good news. I have been on that site in years and I only know this guy (Ian) from Twitter where he was previously selling keyword research, or something like that.

      • Shawna, as far as I know the Bhw person sells expired domains, keywords scraping, doneforyou sites and Pythong bots that automatically write articles. Plus, he knows how to open openAI API accounts using virtual/stole cards so he can have the free API credits.

        The similar service was called https://doctorniche.com/ and you probably still can find the archived post on Bhw.

        Never meant to ruin your Blackfriday party and I wouldn’t say something I didn’t know. The SEO industry is full of these people and things and that’s why your blog/free advises are rare and invaluable.

    • Ian here (the guy behind Site Stats Database).

      I am not Sartre, nor do I have a BHW account. I’ve honestly never heard of Sartre before now, but if he offers the same types of services I offer, I can understand the mix-up.

      The only place I’m active is Twitter/X and as Shawna mentioned, I have a keyword research agency (Curated Keywords) that I’ve promoted. 99% of clients have been very happy with the deliverables, including Charles Floate and Jon Dykstra (and a few other big names I won’t mention, out of respect for their privacy, because they didn’t publicly mention ordering from me). The two instances (out of 100+ orders) where a client was upset were due to a misunderstanding/miscommunication, which I made right either by re-doing the order or refunding. In both cases, the clients were happy in the end.

      I’m not trying to promote my agency here. What I’m getting at is that I would never scam anyone, and my businesses have a good reputation. If customers are ever unhappy, I make it right. I’d never disappear or even shy away from taking criticism.

      If you want to learn more about me, my reputation, my businesses, what I talk about, etc., my Twitter is @keywordian, my website is nichesitegrowth.com, my newsletter is Niche Site Growth (on Beehiiv), and the only SEO forum I’ve been a part of is Builder Society (I haven’t posted in awhile. My username is NeverStop).

      Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂


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