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Project Tartarus Case Study: Update #3

tartarus case study

Well, another month has passed for this case study site, and spoiler alert, it’s still going awesome! Before we dig in, just a disclaimer – I had an unexpected move back to the US in the last 30 days so I actually did ZERO work on this site. So, if you’ve ever been curious about … Read more

3 Growth Strategies to 10X Revenues for Amazon Affiliate Sites

The majority of niche website builders start by creating “Amazon Associates sites”. In short, these are sites focused on a specific niche, think kitchen, home, dogs, cats, among other topics, monetized purely by the Amazon Associates program. These types of sites have several pros, which are: Easy to get started: slap on a WordPress theme … Read more

Project Tartarus Case Study: Update #2

tartarus case study

There are a few milestones in building a site where it gets really exciting. For me, those milestones are when I hit certain revenue targets and certain traffic targets. And what’s great about hitting those milestones is that it does wonders for your motivation. For the last week or so, I’ve been anxiously checking my … Read more