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Siteground Alternatives: Some Of The Best Cheaper Hosting Options

When I first started using Siteground back in 2013, they were awesome and hands down the best website for the money. And at one point I had five different GoGeek accounts at Siteground for my portfolio of sites.

But as you know, I started moving away from Siteground back in mid 2018 after experiencing lots of problems with their inability to properly manage SSL certificate renewals.

And when they jacked up renewal prices, lots of other people started looking for new hosts. Now, just this week, Siteground has raised the prices for both new accounts and renewals.

So, they just might not be worth it for you any longer. Currently, I still have two accounts left there – one is due to expire in August (I won’t be renewing) and the other next year (I probably won’t be renewing that one either).

If you’re looking for a new host, then you already know how hard it is to find real reviews since hosts like Bluehost offer big affiliate monies. The most important thing to remember is that (in my opinion) any host that’s part of EIG is going to be garbage.

**And as always, I’m an affiliate marketer and this post contains some affiliate links, meaning I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

A2 Hosting – Under $5/month

I’ve actually used A2 hosting in the past for a shared hosting account and a VPS account. Ironically, I left them for Siteground.


But if you want shared hosting in the under $5 month price range, then I think that this is going to be your best option right now.

They’ve got several different plans available, so if you need something a bit more robust (and want to spend more than $5) then you can find that here as well.

Though, honestly, the higher end plans are priced pretty closely with Siteground so you won’t really save much there (except maybe on the renewal).


I don’t currently have an account with A2, but if I was on a budget and needed a cPanel this is probably who I’d go with.

Learn more about A2 hosting here.

Hawkhost – Under $5/month

I honestly don’t know why Hawkhost doesn’t get more love from SEO and other site owners. They’re not owned by EIG, they have good support, and cheap prices.

You’d think they’d be known as the best Bluehost alternative, and yet I rarely see people talking about them. (though that’s likely due to their affiliate program not paying as much as Bluehost and others.)

I’ve been using Hawkhost since 2014, mostly for PBNs, but occasionally for other sites too. And they are dirt cheap.

You can host unlimited sites for as low as $2.99/month, though I think you’d be better off with their $7.99/month plan since it’s the one with unlimited disk space.

Check out Hawkhost here.

MDDHosting – Under $10/month

MDD is another company that I’ve used in the past. In fact, I had shared hosting account there up until I sold the last site on it back in 2016.

Back when I was using them, MDD was a regular shared hosting service but now they are shared cloud hosting. Pretty awesome, eh?

And, their prices are better than Siteground. Boom! I’m actually going to open up another account here in the next couple of months for that expiring Siteground account.


What looks great about these shared cloud hosting accounts is that you get all the stuff you’re used to with Siteground:

  • cPanel
  • Softaculous installer
  • free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited sites can be added to the account
  • CloudFlare Optimized Partner
  • and more

From the looks of it, most people who only have one site can probably get by with the cheapest Cloud Starter account, which goes as low as $4 per month. For multiple sites, I suggest the Cloud-1 plan (that’s what I’ll be signing up for).

Even though I don’t have a current account with MDD, I did have a decent experience in the past so I’m comfortable recommending them as a possible solution for you.

Check out MDDHosting here.

Cloudways – Under $15/month

As you already know, this is currently my #1 favorite cheap website host (read my Cloudways review). But I do need to warn you that you do not get a cPanel with this hosting company.

Here’s a little secret – you won’t really miss it! And I say that as someone who is not very tech-savvy in terms of web stuff.


They do have a free trial period, so you can always test them out and see how you feel about their service offering. Maybe you’ll hate it, or maybe (like me) you’ll realize it’s actually pretty awesome and you don’t really need cPanel.

I’ve been moving a lot of my sites to Cloudways recently (and still have a few more to get there). And I truly wish that I’d done it sooner to save myself a bit of money on hosting.

Check out Cloudways prices here.

Other Options?

As you probably know, there are a lot of other website hosting companies out there with prices cheaper than Siteground. And I’d like nothing more than to be able to recommend them to you and rake in those sweet affiliate monies.


But here’s the truth – I only recommend stuff/companies that I actually know and use/have used. So, there may be some other great options out there for you that I don’t know about.

If you end up doing your own research, just remember to avoid any hosts that are owned by EIG!

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  1. Hey Shawna!

    Epic post and very timely as you know! Without overthinking it too much, MDD looks like a great place to start for my first authority site. I finished my first reading of your course and I’m now going through it all a second time and actually taking action – I just purchased my URL upon deciding my niche, very happy with my “brand name”!

    Thanks as always and hopefully MDD pays a nice comm for ya 😉

    • Wow, you’re moving right along! I love it. At this rate, you’ll be poised for a nice payday with the Christmas holiday shopping season.

      And I appreciate use of my affiliate link! I’m actually really excited about those new MDD plans myself.

      • That’ll suit me just nicely 🙂 Real keen to get content out in the wild and as it’s a niche close to home, my wife is going to be able to help out on additional content ideas!

        No worries at all – you should have got confirmation of its use yesterday as my site is all live, WordPress theme and all!


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