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Clockwork Copy Review: My Experience With This Small Content Agency

Finding good writers is a real challenge.

And if you’re relying on content agencies, then the quest for quality content is one that is even more difficult.

At least that’s been my experience in outsourcing content for more than a decade.

With that in mind, I’m always a bit skeptical of trying out new content agencies because my expectations are high and most content agencies simply cannot meet them.

But I was offered 5,000 words of free content at Clockwork Copy to test them out.

Honestly, I likely never would have tried them simply due to being burned by too many agencies in the past.

So, let me tell you how it went.

**And as always, I’m an affiliate marketer and this post contains affiliate links, meaning I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

The Ordering Process

Lately all of my outsourced content has been via MyContentPal, who have similar pricing to Clockwork Copy.

The ordering process is pretty similar as well – you get a Google Sheet template that you fill out with all the relevant details for your order.

clockwork copy article tracking sheet

You can see what the Clockwork Copy order sheet looks like in the screenshot above.

It’s pretty basic stuff.

If you’ve ever ordered content in the past, then you’ve likely seen a sheet like this.

Overall, a super easy process.

The Order Delivery

Like a lot of content agencies, the articles that I’d ordered were delivered via Google Docs.

I got a link to a Google Drive folder, which is where the links to the individual completed articles were housed.

With the 5,000 free words that I was given to test this service, I split that between four different titles.

Delivery of the completed articles was quick, though they were delivered the week that I was taking off for my anniversary.

So, here I was the bottleneck in getting this order marked as complete.

I do want to point out that one thing I really like about the order delivery, which I haven’t seen with other agencies, is that they show you how many words were delivered.

In my case, I ended up with 5,903 words from a 5,000 word article.

Gotta love getting more than you paid for!

The Content Quality

As previously mentioned, I’ve outsourced content with a lot of different providers, most of it being not worth the money.

I have high expectations for content quality, and experience has taught me that it’s a real challenge to find places that can live up to my expectations.

Hell, sometimes it’s a challenge just to find places that don’t send you plagiarized content!

Before I give you my thoughts on the quality of the content, I want to confess what I do whenever someone wants to offer me free content to try a new writing service.

I give titles for topics that I am already knowledgeable on so that I can easily tell how much research was put into the content, as well as if the writers are just bullshit artists.

There’s a reason you’ve never seen me posting about a content agency giving me free articles – because none have passed my little test…until now.

When I opened the first article from Clockwork Copy to check it, I was thinking Damn, they knocked this shit outta the park.

That first article was an 11/10.

The rest though were just 10/10’s for me, they were great but just not that extra level great.

Not that I’m complaining!

To be fair, on that first article they went over the word count and gave me information that I wouldn’t even think to include if I was making an outline for a writer.

Basically, with that one article, the writer was able to anticipate something that I needed that I didn’t even know I needed.

For the other articles, they were exactly what I asked for, but also with some little extras.

For instance, I love to quote people from relevant message boards in my content and these writers did exactly that.

It was basically the same way that I’d have written it, which is something you don’t normally see when you outsource content.

Other Things To Know

I’m able to give you a special offer to test out Clockwork Copy, but first just a couple of notes.

I know that whenever I test a service, that there is always a chance that I receive special treatment because people know that I will give you my honest opinion – and I don’t know this happens until people order and tell me they got shitty results.

And you likely know that Mushfiq from The Website Flip recently bought Clockwork Copy and that we know each other (as much as you can know someone on the internet).

I also want to disclose that I, personally, am not ordering content from anywhere right now because I am more focused on YouTube for the time being.

But, if you are interested in outsourcing content, then I sincerely believe that you can get quality work from Clockwork Copy.

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And if you end up giving Clockwork Copy a try, then comeback and let me know how it goes for you.

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