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My Content Pal vs Niche Website Builders: Which Is Better For Outsourcing Content?

When you’re ready to start outsourcing content for your site, it can be a challenge finding a content agency that’s actually worth the money.

Sometimes, you even think that you’ve found something good only to later discover it’s a steaming pile of poo.

Needless to say, I’ve tried a lot of content services out there and most of them are really, really terrible.

That being said, I have found two decent options based on my own testing.

**And as always, I’m an affiliate marketer and this post contains affiliate links, meaning I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

Niche Website Builders For Content (My Experience)

So, I’ve used Niche Website Builders for content on several of my sites this year (and late last year).

What initially drew me to their service was the value – you get keyword research done for you and the content is written, uploaded, and formatted on your site complete with images all for the low price of $0.06/word.

What a steal, eh?

Before testing them out, I was paying between $0.04 – $0.06/word through Writer Access.

And, I had to upload, format, and find the images all on my own.

Overall, I have nothing really terrible to say about my experience using NWB for content, and I still think it’s a great value.

That being said, there are a few quibbles that I do have with it.

I think you need to know a few things before you commit to ordering content from them.

Timeliness was not really part of the package with them. Some months the content was delivered within a month, and other times it took two months.

late gif

While this wasn’t a big deal for me overall, I can see how it would be for someone trying to maintain content velocity.

Lazy errors in the uploading and formatting was something that I started experiencing a few months into my experience.

Examples of this:

  • not putting the YouTube URLs in properly, resulting in me having to re-do every single one
  • not putting the AAWP shortcodes in a proper block, resulting in me having to re-do every single one
  • random typos and other errors that were not caught

Note that I could have asked them to fix these problems for me, but overall I find that it’s quicker to fix stuff like this on my own (no matter what service I’m dealing with).

There were also a couple of times that I didn’t pay close enough attention to the keyword research they did and I ended up paying for almost identical articles – but that error is firmly on me.

And in regards to their keyword research, I assume that it is mostly automated by tools, so you’re not getting any sort of high-level topic cluster creation or anything like that.

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Do I recommend them?

If you’re looking for the best value content for your site that includes keyword research, uploading and formatting, then absolutely.

How was the content quality?

It was a mixed bag – some really great stuff, some average, and a few that were ‘meh.’

Am I still using them?

Not currently, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the future if I was shopping for content purely based on price/value. The sites that I was using them for are not sites that I’m actively working on, hence me not currently using them.


(this gif is not at all related to my experience, but I just had to use it when I found it)

My Content Pal For Content (My Experience)

It was only in 2022 that I started using My Content Pal after chatting with another SEO on Twitter who was using them with success.

They are more of a premium option as their per-word price is a bit higher.

You don’t get the uploading, formatting, or keyword research with these guys.

It’s just content.

When you submit your order, you upload a spreadsheet with your titles, keywords, preferred word count, etc.

In a way, the ordering process is a lot like WordAgents.

What’s interesting about the content you get from My Content Pal is that you get a Surfer SEO link for each article because their writers use Surfer to craft the content.

Once you log into your dashboard to place an order, there is a banner at the top giving the turnaround time. I love this because I know exactly what to expect.

nice work gif

Each order has been delivered on-time, and they send you it in batches, which means that you start getting finished articles earlier than you expect.

While the content does have a higher per-word cost, overall I think it is worth it if you’re concerned about content quality and want something written with Surfer.

I’ve made multiple orders (25,000 words each) with MCP for more than one of my sites and have been happy with the results.

Out of all the articles they’ve written for me, there were really only a handful that I felt were not as high of quality as the rest.

And plenty of the articles have been outstanding and way better than I expected.

I honestly don’t have a single bad thing to say about My Content Pal.

Wanna try them? Click here.

Do I recommend them?

Yes, 100% percent.

How was the content quality?

It was mostly high quality, with only a few lower quality pieces.

Am I still using them?

Yes, I am still using them.

guilty as charged gif

Final Thoughts

While I currently prefer using My Content Pal, I would still use Niche Website Builders if I wanted a more hands-off approach.

In fact, I will likely use them again later this year on a couple of sites.

Depending on your budget and content quality requirements, either of the two options should work well enough for your sites.

6 thoughts on “My Content Pal vs Niche Website Builders: Which Is Better For Outsourcing Content?”

  1. A timely post for me – ilm giving several content firms a try including these. So good to hear your side of things.

    Apart from a dedicated VA, any suggestions on how to get posts uploaded properly, images etc. is there any service you know of (except a couple of content firms like Niche Website Builders).

    Fiverr? Upwork?

    • I don’t know of any services that offer just that. I think for most people, it’s just hiring a VA or a freelancers from UpWork or something.

  2. Hi Shawna!

    Great article, I’m still looking for the perfect content writing service that does almost everything (from search analysis, content clustering, to publishing, formatting) in A+++ quality 😉

    What I noticed you wrote about NWB: ‘And in regards to their keyword research, I assume that it is mostly automated by tools, so you’re not getting any sort of high-level topic cluster creation or anything like that.’

    That’s interesting, because in a podcast and on live call with me, they said they use their tombraiding technique and/or Keyword Cupid. I was planning to order from them and will ask again 🙂

    From another podcast (I guess it was a niche pursuits one) I stumbled upon those guys:

    >> but I guess they are only doing REALLY large volume orders.

    In the podcast I found it extremely fascinating how the guy talked about velocity and how they produce an extremely high amount of articles for a single customer without losing quality. (they use Cluster AI and other tools).

    I remember one key thing: They only have writers who really(!) care about the articles they write. And he talked about that ‘caring’ part a lot. And to me that sounded really great, as I think not really caring on a deep level about the article is one main issue with most services/writers.

    Too bad they only accept these extremely large orders/customers..

    • Yeah, I feel like it’s difficult to find a place that does “search analysis, content clustering, to publishing, formatting in A+++ quality” because they’d likely have to charge rates most site builders aren’t interested in paying.

  3. I’ve tried out nichewebsitebuilders and the experience has not been good. Paid for a specific # of links to be delivered in 3 months, it’s been 8 months only half the links delivered, non-responsive and probably will never get what I paid for. I keep following up and rarely get responses, when I do they are nonsense. Good luck, don’t waste your money, borderline scam.

    • Hey Josh, I’ve never used NWB for links so I can’t offer any opinions or insight there, but sorry to hear you’ve had issues. In my experience, outsourcing link building is often a terrible experience.


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